An effect achieved

Conducting commissioning works allows you to optimize the production process:

  • by lowering the temperature and volume of stack gases using a focused organization (optimization) of a burning process;
  • by eliminating carbon loss;
  • by identifying and removing the shortcomings of the process equipment.

In general, conducting commissioning works on the industrial and power plants allows you to:

  • gain fuel savings of up to 10%;
  • reduce the amount of toxic emissions to a minimum for this type of equipment;
  • optimize the performance of the power equipment (to ensure maximum efficiency);
  • obtain the necessary experimental data for the parameter tables and graphs of recommended ratio "fuel-air", which allows to choose the most efficient equipment operating modes with relevant control settings: automatic or manual;
  • extend the lifetime of equipment, increase its reliability and safety.

Carrying out comprehensive works on the creation of new and modernization of existing automated control systems include:

  • projects of automation systems for thermal processes;
  • supply, installation and commissioning of a complex of means of automation of thermal conditions;
  • supervision of installation and commissioning, development of operational documentation and staff training.

All of the above makes it possible to increase productivity, improve the quality of fuel combustion, optimize management processes.
Works are carried out throughout the range of the nomenclature of automation, from the use of an existing instrument park to the development of the latest distributed control systems based on the new generation of equipment by Siemens, Allen Bradley, Octagon.

On the lower level of given control systems foreign and domestic reliable sensors and actuating elements are being used. The average level of control is implemented on programmable controllers. To control the electrical power equipment frequency drives are used.