Ukraine Energy and EFFІ company, producer of the climate panels, held the first joint educational seminar

December 8, 2016

Ukraine Energy and EFFІ company, producer of the climate panels, held the first joint educational seminar "EFFI's Climate Panels. Design features. Successful experience in Ukraine".

New Ukraine import tariff puts pressure on independent suppliers

11 February 2016 

The number of Ukrainian independents importing gas from Europe has more than halved since the beginning of 2016 due to new import capacity tariffs and the requirement to hold large volumes of gas in reserve.

According the Association of Gas Traders of Ukraine, 12 independent firms had imported gas to Ukraine last December, while in January 2016 only four of them were expected to continue imports.

Ukraine Energy expands its gas supplies from EU 

January 13, 2016

Ukraine Energy Company expands its gas supply from the EU. Thus, in December 2015, in addition to the traditional gas supplies through pipelines in Slovakia, Ukraine Energy made its first deliveries of imported natural gas to Ukraine via the pipeline system in Poland to implement the resource for the large Ukrainian industrial enterprises in the domestic market.

Ukrainian independent firms start importing EU gas

October 15, 2015

Several Ukrainian independent traders are importing gas into Ukraine from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, the Association of Gas Traders of Ukraine told ICIS on Thursday.